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I half asleep on my couch, thinking about death, blood and serial murderers. I explained why I thought it was something interesting to me, I never thought from their point of view. Before me, appeared thousands of questions about it, I wanted to understand his obsession with our vital liquid. It was unexpected, strange, mysterious, wanted to know what blood meant to them, that drove so that love can not draw without it ... So my thought confronted a series of personalities, I focused on establishing how some people define and assimilate the blood. Suddenly I thought as a citizen, as a typical Puerto Rican man, for me, the blood meant a vital fluid that runs through our veins, it was nothing special, it was not exciting, but knew the blood from the wounds of battle cuts or razor, just for that, it was a limited decline, bit depth, it did not matter. At the time, try to think as a citizen, as women assimilate the blood, spent a few minutes, because I concluded that women could define blood as a fluid that leads to life, immediately comes out the maternal instinct is assimilated delivery, blood transfusion or something. But there was one factor that had not been analyzed, women do not assimilate the blood with changing hormones, bone with menstruation, with its intense torment, with his eternal revival from the ashes, with the representation of femininity ... However that think a murderer or a serial murderer with a warped mind normally about blood, I immersed myself in the role as a telenovela actor ... I become a Ted Bundy or fictional character Dexter, was feeling cold, calculating, especially my not care about, not filled my craving for life, all were so empty, was a desert ... But my love was born, the appreciation of the blood, the muse was inspired, I provided the best compliments ... Recite my affection for the blood in the form of poetry, blood are the nectar of the gods, are the source of life, you're hot, red, docile like lava from a volcano, oh my dear blood, emit the scent of misfortune, which alerts the opening a wound or skin tears ... It was a shocking moment, my tears rolled quickly, it was uncontrollable emotion, hedgehog my skin was as if listening to heavenly music in my ears ... On second blood represents vitality of human , which pushes us to kill, dismember part by the human body, just want to feel that liquor out of the body, like a type of oil coming out of a seed, take pleasure in the source domain to the same, remember its texture, color, smell, all the sensations that produces the same ... I am satisfied, I momentarily rises, not impregnated me, the thrill quickly fades, I need new challenges, and the same thing bores me, bores me see how screaming for his life, and I beg you to forgive them, I need a new frontier ... I was looking to be changed, it should be removed and added variables, was a power play. I thought about replacing my victims, my modus operandi change, or just to kill, but why kill, kill for pleasure, for revenge or justice, furriamente answered my sanity, I kill to feel the blood, feel the cries not killed by a particular cause, was a fifth-rate thug, did not reach the standards of a murderer should be ashamed is urgently needed to plan a new hit, a new style, a new me ... But before I corresponded transmutarme justify my recent perspective, my physical innovation, evolving my work, my progress in the environment ... Immediately locate the cheap excuse that I need a space, yes, that would work, no one would doubt me, with that fill the bases ... I forge a home, friends or a new routine, surround myself with many people, I confuse attention to me, not wanting to be found before the end of my work, that would be my legacy but the term, nobody would remember me. I dedicated myself to move from place to introduce myself as the top rookie lawyer to the city as a member of a prominent law firm, which is looking for a partner who hopes to have children, a dog and a house damn spectacular, but what I hate, what I do, is my face, none of the people must know what they really do ... It took several weeks, everything went as planned, I moved to a condo in South Beach, I present as a kind soul who seeks divine help others , got a job at the law Lockheart and Gardner, but I did it, my partner, the one who would control my impulses, but who, who is so weak and manipulable ... Suddenly I remembered the assistant prosecutor, so delicate, innocent me grinned, believed in my story, asked no questions, yes, I think it is better to have the law on my side, so I can find out about the case, a good link, but I'm missing something important, and will get the information from the police, damn, did not plan it, I need someone capable, that I admire, I trusted blindly in my ... I should not despair, first things first, to seduce the ADA ... Initially seek a customer who does not have salvation, but who is so stupid that sacrifice for me, I know, the redhead named Rachel ... will assume a position of loss to the assistant prosecutor, demons do not know his name, remembering umm well, I think it was Nicole, I surrender to Nicole at trial ... Days passed, came the trial, but I must make sure that Nicole offered me a deal, I have the solution, he acts like an idiot in the trial, will discuss her ridiculous defense by "help me" I give you the opportunity ... This happened to Rachel was awarded five years' imprisonment, but promised win a date with Nicole. At first it was difficult to dissuade her from my past, I had to push one, I put an orphan who lived in Ohio until age 18, then attended Boston University to study law and who survived workforce and scholarships, it was perfect, she idolized, overnight is admired me for my feat, however had to flecharla. I just started to think like a woman falls in love with a man quickly, usual course, be their advocate, defend a crime ... suddenly there was a guy drunk who wanted to molest her, avivadamente left to defend it, I stepped between them, let the drunk gave me a blow, and then give him the beating of the end of his life, I could not kill, as she spoke, nimbly reached into her purse and called the police ... The damn drunk was lucky, though scare Nicole, was surprised to see my level of violence, justifying it, thanks for being my excuse Alcohol ideal ... Nicole already had moved into my apartment, I had eating out of my hand, I stand her friends, at that moment I knew the my puzzle was missing, his brother Michael, was inspector of the homicide unit, on that night I approach be liked, we talked about sports, music, common interests, were not as manipulable as his sister but finds his weakness , gambling ... Michael had a big debt, he was threatened with death, Nicole ran to me to help him, so I did, you pay the money even accompany you, since that day confided in me, was his brother Now ... my plan was fully articulated, needed killing, apaleaba a thirst for blood, and had chosen beforehand my first victim, was a provocative victim was a man with a lot of debt, several people wanted him dead by cheater and abuser, is Steven called, was a miserable rat had to defend, if anyone would miss liquidated ... One night I prepared the ritual, was primarily a sporting event created by the firm, attended, I spent two hours there, talking to the present, must have a alibi, Nicole was seen the invitation. I slipped, my vehicle was parked in the emergency exit, slightly turned on the car, gets to where would my first work of art, my first victim, prepare gloves, close, hunting knives, plastic mask, the metal table where Steven would place the floor had plastic like my car, everything was as stated. I went to the bar Heat Strokes, Steven I frequented, I exit the car, Steven stealthily watch, wait to be drunk before the bar closed, the owner Steven expelled. Then Steven started walking, wait four streets down, slowly followed him, no one, I put the mask, drag my vehicle, began to impose resistance, stormed, he Propine a strong blow to the temple, is desmallo it was easy to haul ... Reach the den, was still fainted, or both, was asleep by the effect of alcohol. I took advantage of it, tie it to the table with belts, you throw cold water woke up scared, seeing me was scared, wondering who he was, I laughed, enjoying his pain, his fear, did not answer, was altered I angered her tone, look for electrical paddles had abandoned in a corner, you wet the chest, while the put, he said you do, leave me alone, I turned on the battery, there arose the show, their cries of pain , the smell of burnt skin, tears of suffering, for mercy, I writhed with pleasure, did not answer. I removed the blades, his chest was marked red, swollen, before puncturing the chest, pull my camera slowly, I began a photographic section, horrified him, I said smiling at the camera, do not be walking water party ... Swiftly puncture start, place the needles in her nipples sadomasochistic, he howled, his chest bloodied, begging him to end his life, but no, he would promptly leave that world must suffer ... Then select my hunting curved knife , skip it across your skin, limb by limb, skin easily moved, as if pélala an apple, skin only let him move with a few superficial wounds, slowly bleeding to death, I did like the last time, get my camera and photos ... Then pull wielding an ordinary pliers, he looked terrified, you start one of his fingers, he's not crying, he was hoarse, his voice did not allow for more, and I was getting bored, unexpectedly received a call from Nicole , I had not noticed the time, obviously ignore the call, rush the ritual ... I turned on the stereo mini suddenly heard one of the great symphonies of Beethoven, prepare the closing, I asked her last words, not listening, because I limited to use closed, slowly cut his left foot, back right, his face was to die of laughter, blood bathed me, was like showering with her, were so exciting ... End of dismembering the body , will start teeth and fingerprints, place it in a plastic bag like the bloody clothes, belts, plastic floor, everything except the tools ... The tools received a shower of bleach, organize them in their respective Instead ... I left the den, put the challenges in the back of the vehicle, drove up the toxic waste factory, he was lucky, the incinerator was on, throw everything and the last thing hedgers gloves and the shoes ... I wait the incinerator degradala all, remove the ashes, stored in an urn, instantly throw the ashes into a body of water nearby local. I immediately went to the activity, get out before I look in the mirror there was no trace, everyone was drunk ... Nicole appears out of nowhere, I was lucky to be there, I look with soft eyes, pretended I was last cocktail, took me to the apartment, I shower, I lay down on the bed. The next day Nicole tells me the crap I said, when I get to work all hungover, did not notice my absence. Hours passed and left a report on the noon news, saying the mysterious disappearance of my client, I feigned concern ... Night came, Michael, Nicole and I met in the house, spoke of the disappearance, he would tell us that had no suspects, Nicole shocked and I basked in joy, waiting for my next victim. Suddenly woke up from my fantasy, it was already six o'clock, the room was dark, I got up, turned on the light, at that moment to experience the life of a serial murderer, a highly strategic life ... I realized that all we hide who we are, at least part of the time. Sometimes buried so deeply that part, we need to be reminded that it's there. And sometimes, we just want to forget about us.


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